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PICKPAK™ is a product from PICK® International, Inc. PICK is a registered trademark for PICK International, Inc. It is an acronym for: PrecautionaryInfection Control Kits.

Rodney Horn, the Founder and current Chairman of PICK, started PICK International and developed the PICKPAK in 1994. Mr. Horn was asked to fulfill a need in the area of emergency wound care for high school athletics. Mr. Horn used his extensive knowledge as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, President/CEO of Wichita Medical Supply (a durable medical good company), Chairman of Longhorn Drug Company as well as years of hospital emergency care experience to develop the original first aid procedure pak to be used at the alternate site for wound care and infectious disease management.

This inventive procedure, soon to become the Wound Pak was developed because a product did not exist for people to protect themselves while dealing with wounds outside of hospitals and away from fresh water. When the product was initially developed, 1 in 250 people tested positive for HIV; today that number is 1 in 100.

PICKPAKs have been used in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and the 1996 Olympics. In fact, during the 1994 World Games Gold Medal Championship basketball game, a Dream Team II player was treated courtside with a Wound Pak by the team’s athletic trainers. PICKPAK has also been used at numerous NCAA sporting events.

PICKPAKs are patented, FDA-approved, sterile procedure paks. They protect the caregiver and they protect your company as well. Best of all,PICKPAKs are affordable. You can buy these pre-packaged procedure paks for less than you can buy the sterile components separately.

What would you rather do in an emergency – go to your supply cabinet, hoping what you need is there, frantically look for what you need and select the correct components? If you were able to find what you thought you needed, then you’d have to know what order to use them to provide adequate treatment, keep yourself protected from infectious disease and to comply with safety policies.

Wouldn’t you rather grab a PICKPAK and feel confident that you have all materials that you need, in the order you need to use them in! PICKPAKs make it that simple!

PICKPAK is not just a pak or a package. It’s a procedure. A procedure that will allow you to render proper first aid without exposing yourself to infectious disease or other by-products of mis-treatments – litigation, etc…

The PICKPAK product line has been available to the industrial safety market for years. In 2003, PICKPAK established a more focused attention to national distribution through manufacturer representation and their distributors in this arena. Currently, PICK sells through distributors to School Health/Sports Medicine and the First Responder markets.

Today the PICKPAK product line has been expanded to include more than 20 unique and innovative products. Additionally, the PICKPAK products, through this Web site, are now available to the general public for purchase and use.